Custom finished hardwood flooring has a natural beauty that complements all decorating themes and trends. At Nova Wood Floors we combine a dedication to precise craftsmanship with the natural qualities of hardwood to produce rich results without breaking the bank. The decision to choose hardwood flooring becomes a matter of making an investment rather than a purchase.

  • Durability and minimal maintenance – less care than carpeting
  • Environmentally friendly – hardwood flooring is the clean choice…it does not trap dust or pollen or other allergens, and does not produce static electricity
  • Wood is an excellent insulator… it keeps the cold out and the warmth in. Treat your feet to the natural choice
  • Timeless style that is classic yet contemporary
  • Floors for a lifetime. Most wood floors can be refinished thus ensuring the long term beauty of your floor
  • Wood is a renewable resource. In a typical year, roughly twice as much hardwood timber is added to the inventory through new growth

hardwood floors

Red Oak hardwood with Glitsa finish

Floor Care

It seems only natural that when you take a step to create a beautiful floor in your home, you’ll want to keep your investment looking new for a long time to come. That’s why we care about the treatment your floor receives from start to finish. We carry high quality products for the protection and maintenance of your wood floors, and we are at your service to help you ensure that your floors have a long beautiful life.

  • Hardwood floor cleaner – designed especially for “no wax’ hardwood floors (more info at woodwise)
  • Wood floor mops – everything you need to keep wood floors clean & beautiful
  • Pure Wool felt floor protectors – sticks to furniture to provide barrier against scratches
  • Other floor accessories special ordered for your floor (i.e. wood floor vents)