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To choose the perfect floor for your home it is important to have all the facts, compare the types, the costs and hiring a wood flooring professional to do the job to your satisfaction.

Solid Wood Flooring

All wood flooring, regardless of width or length, is one piece of wood from top to bottom. The edges and ends are tongue and groove giving excellent stability. When sanded, filled and finished floor is smooth and joints almost invisible. Solid Wood Flooring gives you the greatest opportunity to customize with a wider range of sizes, species, stain colours and finishes; the ability to add borders, medallions, corners and treatments. In most cases, the pieces are nailed to 3/4″ exterior grade plywood subfloor. The thickness and widths have remained virtually the same over the last 50 years making it relatively easy to match an additional area or renovation in the future. There are several choices of “easy care” finishes including degree of shine (i.e. matte, semi gloss, gloss).

Pre-Finished Wood Flooring

Solid 3/4″ prefinished is available in most of the same sizes as the unfinished flooring. Some mills offer square edges and ends, however, most are manufactured with beveled edges. It is always nailed down on a wooden subfloor and not used below grade. Engineered wood flooring is available in 3- and 5-ply. It consists of layers of wood pressed and glued together with the layers running in different directions to create more stability. Most products can be either nailed or glued down. Floating installations available in some products, making it excellent for installation over level concrete, plywood and some existing floor coverings – even below grade. Pre-finished Wood Floors eliminate the dust and noise factors involved in the job-site finishing process, however, finish and stain options are more limited. Product lines could be discontinued making it impossible to match should you wish to add more area at a future time. Lastly, Pre-Finished Wood Floors offer faster completion and use of floor, you won’t need to wait for the finish to dry before walking on the floor.
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Choosing A Species

Many domestic and imported wood species are used for wood flooring. The most common are Red Oak, White Oak and Northern Maple. Other domestic woods that make beautiful flooring are: American Cherry, Ash, Beech, Birch and Douglas Fir. In addition Brazilian Cherry, Australian Cypress, Jarrah, Merbau and others are available to give you a one-of-a-kind hardwood floor.

Product Samples

The perfect floor begins with choosing the right wood and finish. Please look through our inventory of wood below and click on any swatch for a close-up view of the wood type and finish.


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